5 Best Audio Editing Software in 2020

5 Best Audio Editing Software in 2020

You are here because you want your Audio sound good in video may be you want to start home base studio and you have no idea of which software you can use  Either is free or paid software 

So in this article we talk about  8 best Audio Editing software in 2020


Audacity is free Audio editing software that is available  on both mac,window and Linux user is easy to use with many features such as Recording,effects,sound reduction, Edit Multiple Audio format such as MP3,wave,flac,Aiff and MP2

2.Adobe Audition

adobe Audition is professional Audio Editing software from Adobe product that used to edit Audio for videos this software have many features such as sound removal effects, run scripts, compound media import,multi track clip improvement, multi channel Audio work flow and other many features this software cost $20.99/moth 

3.FL Studio

FL Studio is digital Audio work station by Belgian Company Image line FL Studio has many features  Such as Effects plugins,Instrument & Generator Plugins,,Mixer and other many features So Fl Studio have  different pricing based on feature package 

1.FL Studio fruit Edition

      Features : 

  • Limited playlist

 Cost $ 99.00

2.FL Studio producer edition

Features : 

  • Audio Recording

  • Full playlist Feature

  • 7 additional native plugins

cost $ 199.00

3. FL Studio signature bundle

Features : 

  • Audio Recording

  • Full playlist feature

  • 14 additional native pluginscost $299.00

4.FL Studio + All plugins

Features : 

  • Audio Recording

  • full playlist feature

  • all fl Studio&vst plugins

cost $899.00

4.Logic Pro x

Logic pro x is digital audio workstation for mac user only  this professional Audio Editing software developed by apple have many features such as plugins and sound,Brush drum kits and drummers to add routes or jazz feel to your track.and timing  your track  with smart tempo this software  cost $199.99


cubase is another best Audio editing software cubase has features such as Latency monitoring , New Colorize menu, Plugin GUI improvements, Interface and display,Steinberg Virtual Reality this software cost €59.99


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