How to find free music for youtube videos

How to find free music for youtube videos

Using music on your video is the best way to make your video more engade but finding music to use in your video is not easy even if you try to find some music it will cost you much money to find it , so in this article i have put together some website you can download free music and sound to make your videos engaged

1. FreeSound

wether you want free music , sound  effects ,people talking, noise and natural sounds you have great chance that you can find music or sound effects on freesound  just try to search on theri search tool  try something you feel that can match with your video or try to  use tages . 

2.YouTube Audio Library

YouTube have great tools that allow you have free music that tool is YouTube Audio Library where you can find the music you can use on your video they dont have many music but try to search and sese if you can get one  you can  access YouTube Audio Library, by navigating on YouTube studio and click on audio library and start search the music you want.


on jamendo you can find many music for free i like their user experience because you search sound by navigating in the music mood you want like pop,Rock,Hiphop,INDie, there are many track on jamendo just try to find your best music and use it.


The other place i use  to search free loyalty music is on bensound they are many amazing music and sound track to you can choose from cinematic, acoustic,Rock,corporate,jazz and other 

 5.Free Music Archive

free music archive  is the other website developed by the non-commercial radio station WFMU there are hundreds of free music and amazing track that are available for free just go there and see if you can find one like and you can download it for free  

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