The best screen recorder for online instructor

The best screen recorder for online instructor

Today online course creation have become the best way to earn full time income online so that way every one needs to start creating courses  there many tools online instructor use to make their create their course such as website to host their courses and sell it online, microphone , cameras, lighting and other many tools 

but today i want to show you the best screen recorder i have ever use that make creating courses more easy and fun many of you have seen this software  

those screen recorder are :

  •  Camtasia

  • Screenflow

  •  Quicktime

  • OBS 


Camtasia is a software developed by TechSmith, this software is used to record video tutorials and presentations directly via screencast, on your computer and webcom this software have powerfull feature that like green screen removal , text animation template , graphics, intro and outro template  and  background music by using this software you can record and edit and then share your video directly on YouTube and other social media that what make this software powerful for online teacher this software cost US$249.00


  • Recording video on your computer and webcome at the sametime  

  • Edit video after recording

  • free background music

  • free intro and autro template

  • Easy to use

  • quick video recorder

  • Record in HD quality



  • Is expensive


screenflow is other best screen cast software for macOS operating system only this software have ability to capture computer screen and webcome at the sametime and edit captured video  this software cost $120


  • Easy to use

  • record screen and webcam atthe same time

  • edit captured video

  • Record in HD quality


  • For mac os user only

  • is Expensive


quicktime is the best free video recorder for mac os user this video recorder comes with mac and is easy to use for beginners


  • is easy to use 

  • free forever


  • it is for mac os only

  • No editing 


OBS screen recorder is the best recorder i have ever used for free it have many feature that can  available for payed recorder only like capturing screen and webcam at the same time and it record full HD video .


  • full HD recorder 

  • free to use for window and ma

  • easy to use

  • capture screen and webcam at the sametime


  • no edit 

  • require you to close obs to stop recording

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