video editing software for beginners

video editing software for beginners

Today video marketing  is becoming number 1 tool for all entrepreneur for all size 5 billion of  videos are watched everyday so if you are business owner and you are not using videos to promote your business you are loosing many customers because your competitors  they are already using videos but videos  is more expensive  today  than ever  ,knowing more about editing.

so what if the are tools that can help you to create your own videos without being a professional video editor all losing more money to hire some one who can charge  a lot of money  that why i have put together 7 video editing software for beginners every one can use without

Here are 7 best editing software for beginners 

  • Filmora Wondershare
  • Camtesia
  • Apple’s final cut pro
  • Apple I movie
  • openshoot

1.Filmora Wondershare

Filmora is simple  and high quality video  editing software  for creators , this software comes with many template  with custom titles , transition , and overlays to choose from  and you can create your own animation using timeline you dont need to be professional video editor to use this tool everyone can use it . this software cost $ 149.99  one time fees .


Camtesia is  screen recorder and video editing software  for You-tuber, online instructor , video training and  ex plainer video this tool can help you to create you to first video with simple  easy steps  just record your video and edit it with camtesia tools after editing  upload directly on youtube or other document and you will be done .

3.Apple’s Final Cut Pro

final cut pro is editing software  made by apple  this software  is for beginners who want to create professional video editing  this software have many features that can help you to create stunning video  like Motion Graphics Templates ,Plugins, presets,Effects and Advanced Color Grading  this software is available for $299 one time fees

4.Adobe Premiere Pro

adobe premiere pro is best editing software from adobe product so there is no much difference with final cut pro  in features but adobe premiere pro is great video editor but it requires you to learn it as final cut pro but it is very easy to use if you want to create simple video for your YouTube channel or other  video of your client and there is many video on YouTube  that teach how to use premiere pro.

here are some features of adobe  premiere pro

  • Automatically reformat your videos
  • curve adjustments With Lumetri Color tools

  • audio mixing
  • End-to-end VR 180
  • production panel
  • project locking
  • cross project referencing
  • shared project setting

5.Apple iMovie 

Apple iMovie is video editing software for Mac os user only that give you the ability to  edit simple video this software have features like green screen editing , social platform integration  and audio editing .  this software is free . 


openshoot is video editing software for both Windows, Mac, and Linux. users this software have simple interface that allow you to drag and drop and it comes with many features like  cutting video transitions with real-time previews , audio mixing ,Title templates, Compositing ,Advanced Timeline (including drag & drop, scrolling, panning, zooming, and snapping) ,effects and other many features   this software free

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what do you think i have missed ? let me know in the comment so we can discuss on it

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