10 Best After Effects plugins every motion designer needs

10 Best After Effects plugins every motion designer needs

After Effects can create many animation and effects you couldn’t imagine that what make it powerful tool in industry of motion graphics  but there are many plugins out there both paid and free version that can help you to create more powerful animation with just one click  this plugins can help you to finish your work in very short time  with high valuable project 

so in this article , i have put together 10 best of the plugins i think every motion graphics designer must have

Here are the list of after effects plugins you can download both paid and free ones

  • Joystics-n-sliders-
  • Duik bassel
  • Animation composer
  • Typemonkey
  • Element 3d
  • Saber
  • flicker freak plugin
  • Trapcode suite
  • Newton
  • opticle flares


joysticks-n-sliders is after effects plugin developed by aescripts joysticks-n-sliders is pose based rigging system for after effects this plugin have ability to rig head,torso,mouth, reg, arm, even the shapes , with joysticks-n-sliders creating character animation have become  more easy and quick it requires simple steps to create character animation 

  1. download free trial on aescripts
  2. install it in your after effects plugin and presets folder
  3. design character in illustrator and separate each type of the body on its own layer
  4. import separated layers in after effects
  5. organize your layers in each position
  6. start with extreme poses
  7. create joysticks from poses  

This plugin cost $ 34

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2.Duik bassel

Duik bassel is free after effects plugin created by Rainboxlab this after effects plugin is used for rigging character animation  and duik bassel has also many animation tools like camera controlers,managing keyfrase,interpolation,animation exploser and many other tools that help motion designers to create cool animation 

this plugin cost $0

3.Animation composer 

animation composer is free plugin developed by mister .horse this plugin has many tools  from motion preset ,sound effects and precomp by using this plugin your projects will be more easy and fast either this tool is free you can also purchase their extension like titles & lowerthirds  that ccost $99 and shape element cost $69

4. Typemonkey

typemonkey is plugin for creating kinetic typography for videos and film the creator of this plugin is Ebberts + zucker creating kinetic typography is not easy task  but this plugin make it more easy and unique just copy and paste your text into typemonkey and press build and you’re done you can continue to customize it  cost $89.99

5.Element 3D

element 3d  video copilot plugin that allow you to render 3d objects in  after effects this plugin can create  3d object that can be created in 3d software like cinema 4d and other 

Here are some key features of element 3d

  • group symmetry creatin mode
  • dynamic group folder reflection
  • update with speed improvement
  • mate shadow with alpha channel
  • saved group folders as E3d file
  • export obj utility
  • improved cinema 4d support file with animation
  • randomized raytrace samples for mult-pass motion blur

Element 3d cost $139


saber is new after effects plugin from video copilot this plugin allow you to create  energy , light, neon and fire in after effect 

Here are some features of saberr

  • create high quality energy and light beams
  • advanced core setting
  • builtin distortion
  • 50 presets
  • dynamic text and mark outlines
  • stack able fx with add node

7.fleaker freaky

do you want to create horror movie or scally video then this is the plugin that will help you to add some flicker to your video to make video horror this plugin add flash on and off to make hooro movie scenes this plugin is free to use you can download it on digitalanarchy.com

8. Trapcode suite

trapcode suite is after effects plugin made by redgiant this plugin add 3d particles system into after effects to create water,fire,smoke,snow and other advanced effects this plugin cost $49/month and $999 full of 11 tools

9. Newton

newton is after effects plugin created by motion boutique you can download this plugin on aescripts this plugin bring realistic phyisics to reallife with this plugin you can create complex motion you can also change properties like gravity, velocity, and more

Here are the features of Newton

  • 2d layers in EA , act like solid object
  • support mask , text and  shape layers 
  • attract or repel object with magnetism system
  • almost every phyisical property can be animated with keyframe

Newton cost $249.99 but you can get free trial  fully functional but export is restricted to 25 frames.

10. Optical flares

optical flares this is another video copilot plugin that allow you to add 3d lens flares  after effects

Here are some features of optical flares

  • 3d lens frares with AE lights
  • live visual preset library
  • real texture support
  • chromatic aberration
  • up to 32 bps color support

it cost $124.95

so many of the plugins are paid ones and if you are beginner you will need some free plugin here are 5 best free plugin you must have and is free on both mac and window user

what do you think i have missed ? let me know in the comment so we can discuss on it


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