How to Record Better video and Audio

How to Record Better video and Audio

Today many people are using videos as the best tool for marketing on YouTube , Facebook,Instagram  and other many platform even there is many opportunity to create and sell online courses so that why Recording Better video is the key to success in video marketing because it   to be seen as a professional in your industry, in this article   we are going to talk about the how to record better videos and audio for YouTube, social media and online courses

Here are the list of the topic we are going to talk about 

  • Tools to be used to record better video and audio
  • software for editing high quality videos
  • Important tips to make your video Engaged


so in this tips to record better videos we are going to start on tools to be used to record better video and audio

  1. cameras: Recording better videos the first thing to look is the quality of the camera but in nowadays many people tend to use their smartphone to record videos because to day many smartphones   record in HD(1920-1080) 

Here are the best camera i recommend from high priced camera to cheap camera so every one can see the camera that will feet your budget

Expensive camera

1.Blackmagic ursa mini pro

this is the high quality best camera on the market  this camera is used by professional film maker 

Here are some features of Blackmagic Ursa min pro

  • built in ND filter
  • full set of external controls
  • 4608 to 2592 video up to 60 p
  • 4.6k super 35 mm sensor

2. canon Eos 200b

canon Eos 200b is the camera for cinematic film this camera record high footage with new features like 

  • 4k raw 4096 to 2160 internal recording up to 60p
  • UHD mp4 3840 to 2160 up to 60 p
  • built in electronic view finder 
  • lcd touch panel monitor lm-v1
  • adjustable touch screen lcd monitor
  • is suit for mounts,gimbal,jand jibs Eos c 100 mark II

canon Eos c 100 mark II is the best camera for youtuber  , online courses and travel videos this camera has many features 

  • super 35 mm 8.3 mp c mos sesnor + FF mount 1920 to 1080 p59.94/50/29.97/25/23.98 built in dual pixel c mos tf
  • hardware avcHD+mp4 recording dual SD Hc/ sd to media slots

1. canon rebel t7                            

this is the best cheap camera i have ever used  this camera is beginner friendly you dont have to be professional to use this camera this camera have many features like

  • on screen shooting guide
  • raw support
  • built in flash
  • wifi enabled

it cost $429

2.Panasonic Lumix Z s70

this is other high quality camera for YouTube , online teacher and traveler with features like

  • 4kFHD recording
  • wifi enabled
  • eye view finder
  • A 20.3 megapixel high sensitivity Mos

it cost $347.99

Microphone to use

choosing   Microphone is the other thing to look for because low quality voice can break your videos.

so we are going to look for high priced to cheap microphone

1.Rode video mic pro

this microphone is better for vlogs and YouTube videos it record high qaulity audio here are some features of Rode video mic pro

  • ultra light weight(85g/30g)
  • 9 v battery powered over 70 hours use
  • integrated shock mount
  • two step high pass filter (flat,80HZ) 

it cost$229

2. Takstar mic

Tackstar is budget microphone for youtuber and vlogger this microphone specially designed for the camera to record high quality sound

it cost 21.99

3.Blue snow ball ice 

Blue snow ball ice microphone is USB microphone designed  for screen casting is used for Live streaming, online course creation, YouTube videos and more

Features :

  • Includes tripods desktop stand and USB cable
  • plug and play with mac and window with your chosen recording software
  • frequency response 40 -18 KHZ

it cost $ 50

Editing software

so now we have seen the camera and microphone to record better video and audio it is the time to see Editing software 

Here are 3 top video editing software you must know how to use to edit high quality video

1. adobe premier pro

with premier pro you have many ways to edit your video  to make it look professional like cutting, syncing audio with video 

premier pro has many template to use if you are beginner

2. adobe after effect

after effects can be good option if you need to create complex videos with  motion graphics and other cool thing like logo animation, transition, title sequence and other things. cut pro

final cut pro is another good software for video creator it has many features and template  there is no high difference from premier pro ,the problem of final cut is it work only on mac OS

  • make sure to record video in quite place or use sound proof to make sure your voice sounds good with no outside  sounds like cars and other people
  • Record in HD quality (1920 – 1080)
  • use royalty music in background
  • use tripods and stabilizer to avoid shaky footage
  • keep your video short 

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