FlexClip Review: The easy to use online video editor

FlexClip Review: The easy to use online video editor

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Are you a content creator?  then creating videos for your social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube can be the best way to engage with your fans and get more sales or get more people to fall in love with content!    In today’s blog, we will discuss the easy-to-use tool that I have discovered that can help you to create any kind of videos for your social media in order to boost sales, increase traffics, and gain more fans that tool is called Flexclip

Flexclip is an easy online video maker that can help you to create videos online for free you can use it to create a tutorial for your youtube channel and online education I have I have tested this video maker to create different types of content like slideshow, tutorial, and other video marketing.

Here there are Features that you can find in Flexclip :

  • Free stock video and image
  • Free Royalty music
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Trim videos
  • Video transition
  • Adjust video
  • Photo animation
  • Text animation
  • video recorder 
  • record voice over

This all the Features you can find in Flexclip and also all those features are easy to use even if you don’t know anything about editing video

Here there is the pricing plan to start using Flexclip



ok, so here there are all features we have listed below explanation.

1.Free stock video and image

the cool thing, I have found in Flexclip is that you can find a lot of free stock footage and image for any project, just try to search any keywords in stock footage and video you will find the one you want.

2.Free Royalty music

we all know that adding music and soundtrack in the video can help you to make your video more creative and enjoyable so in Flexclip there is a lot of free royalty music to choose from and use without any problem.

3. Aspect ratio

in Flexclip you can choose any aspect ratio for your video whether you want to create a video for Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and youtube in Flexcilp you can choose the aspect ratio for that.

4.Trim video

in Flexclip video editor you can also trim video in the way you want in order to use the part of the video you want that is the feature that you can find in other best video editor out there like premiere pro and final cut.

5.Video transition

in Flexclip there is also some good transition that you can use to make your video more creative.

6.adjust video

in Flexclip you can adjust the video to make it look the way you want and also this is the best feature you can not find in other online videos maker

7.Photo animation

photo animation is another cool feature in Flexclip that can help you to create a simple photo slideshow for  Birthday images and wedding images.

8.Text animation

 in Flexcip there are a lot of text animations to use in the video you can use the templates also you can create your own text animation for your videos and that is the best feature Flexcip gives you to make your business or corporate video look nice and creative.

9. video recorder

Youtubers and online teachers also they can use the video recorder feature to record video tutorials on a computer.

10.Record voice over

In FLexclip also you can  Record voicer over for your video to make it more engaging just find a microphone and record directly in Flexclip and use the voice in the video.

So Flexcilp is it any good?  Every software has its own  cons and prons  If you are a professional video editor   this not the light choice for you  use professional video editors like premiere pro or Finalcut, but if you are starting in video  content, this the platform to start with, and  if you are freelancer you can use this platform to make money  to create a video for  your client because it is the easy and fastest way to make video content

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