the 7 best Software for creating Promotional video

the 7 best Software for creating Promotional video

Video is the one of the best tool you can use to attract more customers and engagement to your business
over the years i ve been looking for the best tools that can help me to achive my goals of the video i wanted to create,
so i came up with this 7 tool, that i use every day to create content for my business and also for my clients.

and this tools help me to land to a new client every month because of what those tools allows me to be able to create,
so thats why today i have choosen to share with you the best tools i use to be able to learn my business.

1. Invideo

invideo is one of the best digital marketing tool for creating video that engage with customers
with invideo you can create video with just template , you dont need to be an expert to create video for your busines
invideo is the best for some one who want to start creating video as frelancer or some one who want to create video for his business and
it is very easy to learn,

features :

. Template for all social media including : Linkedin, instagram , youtube, twitter ext…
. Product promotion freindly
. voice over
. Recorder
. Stock footage and images
. stock music
. very easy and fast

2. Camtesia

camtesia is also the best video editor for content creator , with camtesia you can record and edit video
and camtesia is also very easy to learn video editor .

camtesia comes with many features that can help you to achive your goals as content creator some of those features are :

. Screen Recorder

. webcam

. Media
. Multi-Track Timeline.
.Voice Narration

3. FlexClip Review

Flexclip is an easy online video maker that can help you to create videos online for free
you can use it to create a tutorial for your youtube channel and online education I have I
have tested this video maker to create different types of content like slideshow, tutorial, and
other video marketing.

Feautures :

.Free stock video and image
.Free Royalty music
.Aspect Ratio
.Trim videos
.Video transition
. Adjust video
.Photo animation
.Text animation
.video recorder
.record voice over

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